VALENZ Holdings Ltd was incorporated in 1998 as a holding company of subsidiary companies, which were registered as limited liability companies and commenced business since 1986. The principal areas of activities are:

Energy & Engineering Services
Engineering Consultancy/Project Management

VALENZ Holdings reanders Engineering Consultancy/Project Management Services for the construction of Power Plants, Transmission Substations and Lines, as well as distribution of substations & lines. She also undertakes on a turnkey basis the design, procurement, construction, testing and commisioning of substations, 330/132kV, 132/33kV, 11kV Injection Stations; as well as Transmission and Distribution Lines.

VALENZ Holdings Limited is actively involved in services to all the thermal and hydropower plants in Nigeria. She has been involved in major rehabilitation works in Kainji & Jebba Power Stations, as well as Lagos Thermal Power Station, Egbin. She has also been rendering equipments/spares supply servives in conjunction with some of her principal partners who are Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM). VALENZ Holdings Limited is also involved in similar services to most of the 330/132kV transmission substations, as well as 33kV/11kV distribution substations. These are spread all over Nigeria.

In addition, VALENZ Holdings Limited in continuation with a foremost worldwide gas turbine power plants refurbishment/service company, Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbines Ltd, is engaged in refurbishment and service of NEPA gas turbine power plants, as well as supply of new spares. She is also involved in the design and construction of new power plants (both gas turbines and hydro) with her overseas technical partners, as well as operation, maintenance and training for these plants.

VALENZ Holdings Limited renders engineering services to oil and gas sectors in Nigeria. She is registered with Nigeria Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). She also renders services to other industrial sectors in Nigeria , mainly the Steel, Cement & Aviation sectors.

VALENZ Affiliates & Partner Companies
  • Bellis & Morcom (a Gardner Denver Company) England (formarly Hamworthy Bellis & Morcom/Williams & James): For Instrument/Utility Air Compressors, Starting Air Compressors and Pumps, Breathing Air Compressors, Natural Gas Vehicle Compressor Stations.
  • Fireye Inc. USA ( Allen Brandley/Rockwell) For Intrucment and Control Equipments, namely - Flame Safeguard Controls, Flame Scanners and Amplifiers, Comparators, Combustion Controls and Environmental Monitoring Equipments for Fuel Burning Processes.
  • Hotz & Gerber AG Switzerland: For Instrument and Control Equipments, Comparators, Amplifiers and Rectifiers.
  • SEI Industries-Canada: For Environmental Control, Safety and Fire-Fighting; namely-Bambi Bucket, Sackafoam, Fire-Flex Tank, Flex Pak, Stillwell Flyer, Scotty Fire-Fighter Products, Fuel Easy Tanks, Terra Tanks, Radial-Hoop Tanks, Insta-Berm Liners, Custom Liners, Water Fuel Pump Systems.
  • Carl Schenck AG, Germany: For Vibration Monitoring and Measurements, Continuous Weighing Systems, Static Weighing, Electronic Road-Weighing Bridges, Electronic Rail Weighing Bridges.
  • Aremco Products Inc. USA: For High Temperature Putties/Coatings for Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium e.t.c.